Create new output file linked to a given entity.

POST /data/entities/{entity_id}/output-files/new

Output files are linked to entities. Each time a CG artist is satisfied by what he did on a working file, he can create an output file that will be linked to a target entity (an asset, a shot, a sequence, ...). It keeps track of the working file at the origin of the output file. An output type is required for better categorization (textures, caches, ...). A task type can be set too to give the department related to the output file. Revision is automatically set.

Path parameters


Name, mode, output type ID, task type ID, person ID, working file ID, file status ID, comment, extension, representation, revision, number of elements and separator.


  • 200

    New output file created

  • 400

    Given output file already exists Given person not found Given output type not found

POST /data/entities/{entity_id}/output-files/new
curl \
 -X POST http://localhost:8080/api/data/entities/{entity_id}/output-files/new \
 -H "Authorization: $API_KEY" \
 -d '{"name":"string","mode":"output","output_type_id":"a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25","task_type_id":"a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25","person_id":"a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25","working_file_id":"a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25","file_status_id":"a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25","comment":"string","extension":"string","representation":"string","revision":42,"nb_elements":1,"sep":"/"}'
Request example
  "name": "string",
  "mode": "output",
  "output_type_id": "a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25",
  "task_type_id": "a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25",
  "person_id": "a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25",
  "working_file_id": "a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25",
  "file_status_id": "a24a6ea4-ce75-4665-a070-57453082c25",
  "comment": "string",
  "extension": "string",
  "representation": "string",
  "revision": 42,
  "nb_elements": 1,
  "sep": "/"
Response examples (200)